Summits of School Presidents with Participation of the Heads of District Administrations

As part of the Child and Youth Friendly Kyrgyzstan project, IDEA CA held youth summits for school presidents, bringing together 75 people from 60 different schools in Suzak and Issyk-Ata districts.

School parliament presidents spoke about their parliaments’ work and shared their experience with others. Furthermore, they discussed what problems their communities face and discussed possible solutions to these problems.  

In both districts, school presidents talked about vocational education and the introduction of additional teaching time on subjects of that they would consider studying at university, as well as the possibility of inviting speakers from universities to talk with students about their options following school.

The district administration in Suzak, school presidents and the district head reached an agreement to ensure the safety of schools by installing video surveillance cameras by the end of the year and holding educational events on traffic rules.

In Issyk-Ata, participants discussed pollution in their villages. Recycling trash and holding a ‘clean day’ to raise awareness of the issue was proposed.

In addition, a seminar was held for deputy heads of schools from all 20 local self-governments in the Issyk-Ata district, during which interactive teaching methodologies , the importance of debate in the development of students’ critical thinking were discussed.

As a result of the summits, memorandums of mutual cooperation were signed between school presidents and district administrations, who, along with heads of districts will address the problems identified at the district level.

It is worth mentioning that such youth summits will serve as annual platforms for the exchange of experience, knowledge and ideas in the future.