IDEA CA has a huge library that we would love to share with you. These books are not only about debate, but cover a wide range of topics, including human rights, civil activism, communication, social entrepreneurship and many more.

Please feel free to stop by our office and have a look. We are always delighted to meet new people and share our passions, as well as learning about yours!

Below is just a few examples of the books in our library. 

Title Author/editor
Aids, Drugs and Society A. Alexandrova, ed.
Are traditional Media Dead? Can journalism survive in the Digital World? I. Sturgis, ed.          
Argument and Audience: Presenting debates in public settings K. Broda-Bahm, D. Kempf & W. Driscoll
Art argument and advocacy. Mastering Parlamentary Debate J. Meany & K. Shuster
Conflict and Communication a guide through the labyrinth of conflict management D. Shapiro
Creating a World Fit for Children C. Rutaerts, ed.
Debate and Dialogue in Correctional Settings J. Wheeldon, R. Chavez & J. Cooke
Debating in the world school style: A Guide S. Quinn
Deliberating across the curriculum. Using Deliberative techniques in the english as a foreign language classroom. A manual for teachers of Advanced Level Students N. Claxton, ed.  
Digital Activism Decoded M. Joyce, ed. 
Direct Democracy. The struggle for Democratic Responsiveness and Represantation Kara L. Lindaman, ed.
Discovering the world through debate. A practical guide to educational debate for debaters, coaches and judges. 3 edition R. Trapp, J. Zompetti, J. Motiejunaite & W. Driscoll
Drones and Targeted Killings S. Knuckey, ed. 
Eastern Europian Roma in the EU. Mobility, Discrimination, Solutions A. Pusca, ed.
Engaging youth in politics: debating democracy’s future R. Dalton, ed. 
Finding your voice A. Hahn, T. Hahn & N. Hobeika
Inclusion for All D. Ziegler
Influencing through argument. Updated edition R. Huber & A. Snider
Intergenerational Justice O. Sarat
International Moot court: An introduction M. Spillane & IBA
Logical self-defense R. Johnson & J. Blair
Many sides: debate across the curriculum A. Snider & M. Schnurer
Migration, Human Rights and Development A. Gallagher
Mobilizing civil society’s response to stigma A. Alexandrova, ed.
On that point! An introduction to Parliamentary debate J. Meany & K. Shuster
Participation for All: A Guide to Legislative Debate M. Middleton
Perspectives on Argumentation R. Trapp & J. Schuetz, ed.
Privacy and surveillance with New Technologies S. Ahmad
Sparking the debate. How to create a debate program C. Snider
Speaking, Listening and Understanding. Debate for Non-Native English Speakers G. Rybold & H. Smith
Student Voice Against Poverty The UN Millennium Campaign
Teacher’s guide for discovering the world though debate. 3 edition N. Claxton
Teaching and Learning Strategies for the thinking classroom A. Crawford, E. Saul, S. Mathews & J. Makinster
The debatabase book – a must-have guide for successful debate. 6 edition The editors of IDEA
The debatabase book must-have guide for successful debater. 5 edition The editors of IDEA
The debatabase book. 3 edition The editors of IDEA
The Democracy Reader S. Myers
The Interdependence Handbook S. Myers & B. Barber
The Practical Guide to Debating. World's style/British parliamentary style N. Harvey - Smith
The regis study skills guide. 5 edition F. Walsh
Wars on Drugs, HIV/Aids and Human Rights K. Malinowska-Sempruch & S. Gallagher
Winning debates: A guide to debating in the style of the world universities debating Championships S. Johnson
The Australia-Asia Debating Guide Edited by Ray D'Cruz
Guide To First Principles Tim Sonnreich
How To Start A Debate Society Ary Ferreira da Cunha
Monash Association of Debaters Member Training Handbook
Monash Association of Debaters Guide to Debating  Tim Sonnreich
Speak More Effectively  Dale Carnegie 
The Art of Public Speaking  J. Berg Esenwein