A survey carried out among IDEA CA alumni in March 2019 has revealed the organization’s positive role in enhancing skills set of the youth and enriching their value system.

The survey was carried out among 223 alumni who come from Kyrgyzstan (74.4%), Tajikistan (9.9%) Kazakhstan (9.4%) as well as Russia and Ukraine.

Soft skills taught by IDEA CA

According to the survey results, alumni have acquired a wide range of skills during the workshops organized by IDEA CA.

May 29, 2019

An online survey carried out among IDEA CA’s alumni has shown that the organization is popular among young people. The respondents reported that the workshops and other events organized by IDEA CA taught them important soft skills such as critical thinking and argumentation and increased their overall civic awareness. Some respondents even linked their career success with IDEA CA’s projects; 41.7% of respondents reported that their career choices have been influenced by their participation in IDEA CA’s events.

December 17, 2018