International Debate Education Association (IDEA) was created by The Open Society Foundations (OSF) in 1999 to coordinate its debate programs. Today, IDEA is a global network of organizations that uses debate as a way to give young people a voice.

IDEA is the world's leading provider of debate education, providing resources, training, and events to educators and young people. The network works with schools, universities, debate organizations, and community groups and collaborates with foundations, NGOs, businesses, and governments. All this helps IDEA to promote mutual understanding, democracy globally and peacebuilding by supporting discussion and active citizenship locally.


IDEA's Activities

IDEA's activities include a wide range of educational and strategic initiatives, from developing training programs to international student exchanges and international youth forums. We have organized debates in more than 50 countries around the world in 60 languages! 

Currently, IDEA is officially registered and operates in the following locations:

  • IDEA Middle East and North Africa

  • IDEA United Kingdom 

  • IDEA Netherlands 

  • IDEA Central Asia

  • IDEA South East Europe 

IDEA CA is the leading regional provider of debate education in Central Asia, providing resources, training, and events to educators and young people in across the region and the CIS. It has been actively working with young people through debate since 2010, starting as a Soros Foundation program. IDEA CA became an independent organization in 2014, continuing the empowering of young people by teaching them critical thinking, argumentation, active listening, and respect for dissenting opinions, therefore building a culture of open and equal dialogue in Central Asia.

Through its activities, IDEA CA gives young people an opportunity to be heard through education, debate and by raising their awareness about worldwide issues.

Objectives and goals of the website

This website is a broad virtual platform uniting English-speaking and Russian-speaking debate communities, as well as contributing to the development of debate. Moreover, here you can find our extensive debatabase, a virtual resource for debating.

Our goal is to inform the debate community about upcoming and past events, to create an extensive methodological base, and to establish cooperation between debate clubs, organizations, and individual activists from different countries.

All rights to manuals, curricula, and other documentation developed by the International Debate Education Association in Central Asia belong to the International Debate Education Association in Central Asia and can only be used with the consent of the copyright holder. If you wish to use materials from any manual, curriculum, or any other documentation for your own purposes, please contact us by phone: +996 312 325 402 or by e-mail:

Our contacts

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact us at

IDEA Central Asia 

21, 73 Togolok Moldo Street 
Bishkek, 720033
Tel.: +996 312 32 54 02

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