2018 Summer Debate School

Hosting summer debate schools are an old and much loved tradition in IDEA CA and we were delighted to be able to do so again this year, with the courses finishing in August. The goal of these courses is to help young people achieve their potential, with a particular emphasis on their debate skills and critical and analytical thinking.

We were able to have schools in two cities this year: Bishkek and Osh. A total of 35 people attended the schools. Over the course of two months, they studied and practiced their debating skills.

At the end of the summer school, the Bishkek-based students attended a debate club fair, organized by the coordinators of the various Bishkek debate clubs, where they learned about how to continue their debate careers.

“We really enjoyed the debate school! The trainers were open and our lessons continued long after the official end of the lesson, sometimes in the park. We also often met simply to hang out. I now understand that critical thinking is an essential skill to better understand information in today’s world. My public speaking also improved and I’m no longer afraid to speak in public,” said Erlan, one of the summer debate school’s students.

The project coordinator, Aliya Zhakypova, commented that “I am always happy to spread debate to new people. I especially enjoy promoting the English league. It was great to see a thirteen year-olds become more and more interested in debate, becoming more and more knowledgeable, and becoming friends with one another.”

The 2018 Summer Debate School was held in partnership with the Soros Foundation Kyrgyzstan, the International Republican Institute, and New Rhythm.