Community Talks in Naryn

Over the course of several community talks, school parliament members and young activists in Naryn presented the results of their participatory research into the needs of their communities. The research they conducted highlighted several challenges, including unemployment, migration, and unclean streets.

Participants of the community talks

In Ak-Uchuk and Don-Alysh, the research highlighted that the most pressing issues facing the communities were youth unemployment, road conditions and migration. Based on the fact that 71% of respondents in these communities reported that they had experienced difficulty in crossing a specific section of road, known for its high number of traffic accidents, it was proposed that a campaign to promote better road safety awareness is undertaken.

Presentation of the results

The young researchers in Kok-Jar, Ak-Jar and Kum-Dobo discovered that their communities consider unemployment (47%) and street cleanliness (42%) to be their biggest concerns. The community talks in these locations therefore focused predominantly on the lack of communal garbage cans in public spaces. 92% of respondents commented that they were ready to help in the form of a subbotnik (a communal cleaning initiative).

Respondents in Kochkor identified that that a lack of leisure infrastructure (61%) and poor maintenance of school toilets (53%) were their most pressing issues. At the community talk, it was decided that the school parliament members will conduct public events to raise awareness of the importance of cleanliness and the environment. The local self-government also agreed to work with the young people to support their work.

Participants of the community talks

75% of respondents in Kosh-Dobo said that access to clean water was their community’s main challenge, while 67% commented that they thought the local self-government had the ability to resolve the issue. At the community talk, participants agreed to develop a system for optimizing the consumption of clean water by installing water meters. The school students also commented that they will attempt to raise awareness of the importance of the issue, and of water preservation.

In Cholpon, 32% of respondents replied that the main problem in their village was internal and external migration. According to the responses, the need for migration arose from the lack of opportunities for work in the village, debts, and conflict within families. Respondents believed it was important for the local authorities to work with young people and provide them with more opportunities,

Participants of the community talks

In Naryn, the young researchers identified that the three main issues that are present in their city were the pollution of the River Naryn, poor infrastructure across the city, and improve the city’s orchard to make it more attractive. At the community talks, participants raised the need to improve the awareness of the city’s residents about the pollution of the river, especially among those who live near the River Naryn, and to assist in the work of the city’s cleaning service, Tazalyk. These issues will be raised with the local self-government and resolved via joint initiatives.

Participants of the community talks

Please find below a video report from the community talks in Naryn oblast: 

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