The First iTalk in Khujand

The first iTalk to be held in Khujand took place on 8 July 2018. Entitled Ақлҳоро ақлҳо ёрӣ диҳанд (which translate as ‘two heads are better than one’), the event discussed how to consider one’s career path and options based on the personal experience of six speakers.

The first speaker, Makhinakhon Sulaimonova, focused on improving one’s education through online courses. She also showed the audience useful links for finding internships and grants on the Silicon Valley platform.

The next speaker, Abdullo Kurbonov, talked about how to achieve stability and quality in one’s work. He particularly emphasized the importance of constantly improving one’s skills and then applying them in practice.

Rustam Rahmatullo then spoke on the topic ‘The Right Steps to Success’ in the format of an educational session. According to him, effective time management is vital to success. Zuhursho Rahmatulloyev, meanwhile, discussed the advantages and disadvantages of a cashless society, including how we can prepare for such a future. Finally, both Chakhongir Zabirov and Abdurahmon Rashidov shared their experiences of working in start ups.

Following the iTalk, Rustam Rahmatullo shared his impressions about the event:

“Many thanks to the event’s organizers. Indeed, such meetings with youth are necessary. I believe that every businessman should educate and provide support to young people who want to start their own business. It is important to help them on the initial path so that young people can learn from the mistakes of others and learn from successful cases. This saves both time and money.”

An iTalk participant also made the following comment:

"An iTalk is a good platform for achieving ideas that are born in thoughts. I think that it helps to put your thoughts on paper and then present them, discuss them, and refine them with like-minded people. An iTalk is a union that helps one to develop and participate in different fields. Speakers predispose themselves through brainstorming and interactive games.”

The iTalk was held in collaboration with the Peshraft and in partnership with Alif Sarmoy, Khujand Star, and Durandesh.