Forum-Theater Performance at the UNDP Conference

The UNDP held a conference on the prevention of gender and family-based violence on June 6, attended by police officers, lawyers and judges from across Kyrgyzstan. Our participants from the Police Academy against Violence against Women project were invited to perform their three short plays about gender-based violence and its effects for the conference attendees.

Photo: Zhanybek Sultanbekov

After performance, Kanat Nogoibaev, the project coordinator, talked about IDEA CA and its work, including this project. Asel Osmonova, a police colonel and ministerial advisor in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, was impressed by the performance, saying, “It was very professional! It is clear that participants were well prepared; it is not just a one-day job! They did not just play their roles, but uncovered the souls of their characters and gave us a picture that really happens in modern families.”

She added, “I have noticed similar things to that which they portrayed. We face psychological and economic violence in families, when a husband forbids his wife to work, and blames all the problems that occur in the family on her, but does not try to help.”

Asel summarised that, “These performances allow us to see the real picture and better think about this problem.  One solution could be better help from social services."

Moreover, there was also official appreciation for our project participants. Asel Osmonova and Larisa Ilibezova (head of the Center for Research and Democratic Processes) presented them with certificates for their participation in the project’s implementation.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Police Academy of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs for its cooperation and partnership.