Generation Democracy: A Review

IDEA CA has successfully completed another project – the second season of the Generation Democracy youth debate championship.

It all began with a debate school in March, where participants, together with coaches, learned how to conduct a political debate and how to draft bills to resolve various societal issues.

In total, eight teams from eight political party youth wings took part, debating with one another over several rounds.

Kloop Media broadcast the debates online, including live broadcasts for the semifinals and final, and with further publication in social networks. All the debates can be watched here:

So let’s meet the teams!

· Ak Shumkar;
· Ata-Jurt;
· Bir Bol;
· Butun Kyrgyzstan;
· Democrat;
· Zamandash;
· Onuguu-Progress;
· Green Party.

The goal of all proposed platforms and bills was to solve pressing social issues.

The debaters discussed topics such as regional development, provision of heating, public debt management, judicial system personnel policy, and the development of an independent media.

Our studio

Furthermore, all teams were assisted by experts and consultants during the development of their ideas and proposals.

This helped participants to better develop their own platforms and clearly understand the underlying causes and subsequent consequences of the issues.

After 14 debates, only the teams from Bir Bol and Onuguu-Progress were left. The final was held on 24 May at the Kyrgyz National University and the topic was The Improvement of the Quality of Higher Education.

Final round: Bir Bol and Onuguu-Progress

The Bir Bol team suggested conducting independent testing to assess the quality of higher education. It was proposed that this testing is carried out by the Center for Evaluation in Education and Teaching Methods, thus determining which university has the highest quality of education.

A representative of the Bir Bol team

They also proposed improving the quality of guidance given to school students at so that graduates will be able to make informed decisions on their future career paths. Additionally, the team suggested increasing tuition fees for studying in the prestigious faculties, such as law and economics, in order to increase professors’ salaries.

The Onuguu-Progress team then suggested their own mechanism. First, the participants proposed a law that will introduce a requirement to universities for the employment of 30% from the graduated class. If this is not achieved,  a special commission will consider depriving the university of their license.

A representative of the Onuguu-Progress team

They also proposed the introduction of regular rotation of teachers among local universities; in other words, tan teachers exchange program for teachers.

After both teams’ speeches, questions were  taken from the audience and from the expert panel.

Feedback from the experts

Finally, the judges discussed all that they had heard and awarded the Bir Bol team with the first place. The second place was given to the Onuguu-Progress and third to the team from Democrat..

The Bir Bol team
The Onuguu-Progress team
The Democrat team

The whole project was implemented in partnership with the International Republican Institute (IRI) and Kloop Media.

We would like to express our gratitude to all consultants and experts, teams and partners! We are also grateful to the NEXT TV team and the Kyrgyz National University for their assistance in filming the final.