Global program for the prevention and combating trafficking of people and smuggling of migrants

Within the framework of the 100-day information campaign of the Global Program for the Prevention and Combating Trafficking of People and Smuggling of Migrants, IDEA CA organized the Theater Forum.

The global program is organized in 13 countries in Africa, East Asia and Western Europe. The program in Kyrgyzstan is a pilot in Central Asia. The purpose of the Theater Forum is to conduct awareness-raising work among schoolchildren on trafficking of people. In the Forum Theater the real situation was played where the young teacher had to choose what to do: to work in Russia as old friend suggested or to find solution by staying in the country.

Solemn opening of the campaign took place in the assembly hall of the office of the plenipotentiary representation of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, chaired by the deputy plenipotentiary representative on the Chui region - A. Soltonbekova. The event was attended by the management of the Plenipotentiary Representation, structural units and schoolchildren of the Sverdlovsk region.

"I liked the event. Thanks to the forum theater I was able to see the problem from different sides and it was great to discuss the problem and come to the right decision. I think that if people often discuss the problem of poeple trafficking the population will be more aware and the problem will be better solved", - shared her impressions Erica Broad, a high school student of the 11th grade of the Miroshnichenko secondary school .

"This topic is very relevant today because I see a lot of ads about working abroad, but not all of them are safe. Thanks to today's event, I learned that you need to check the organizations through which you are going to work, learn about the experience of other people. This can help prevent cases of trafficking. Before, I did not know about such a problem in our country, and now I will tell others about possible situations," said Sabina Anisimova, 10th grade student of secondary school No. 2 named after S.Ibraimov.

"Thank you very much for staging the forum theater and for the fact that you are promoting a rather complex topic through such an unconventional approach. Schoolchildren were involved in the solution of the presented life situation and did not stay aloof. The situation has shown that the problem of trafficking in human beings can affect each of us and we must find the right ways out of the situation", - said Tatyana Abramova, head of the educational work at the Belovodskaya secondary school No. 2.