iTalk in Dushanbe – When Hard Work Matters

An iTalk titled When Hard Work Matters was held in Ismaili Centre in Dushanbe on October 7. The event was held in conjunction with Peshraft and supported by the 55 Group.

The iTalk provided a platform for seven speakers to share their experience about various social topics. The following people acted as speakers: Nigor Abduakhadova, Pulat Shozimov, Daler Gufronov, Sherali Dzhurabayev, Firuz Saidkhodzhayev, Sokhib Yakubov and Firuza Nasirova.

Each speaker’s talk was different in its own way, but all the speakers had the same goal – to tell their story to help young people to develop as independent individuals.

The audience was extremely active, partly thanks to the efforts of the event’s moderator, Ariyan Rustami, who held various energizers. The participants won prizes such as diaries, discounts for Synergy University from the 55 Group, and I Am Different clothing brand.

Peshraft and IDEA CA would like to extend their sincere gratitude to the 55 Group on behalf of its General Director Ravshan Kurbanov for sponsoring When Hard Work Matters iTalk. The organizers are also grateful to the Ismaili Centre for their support support in providing a venue for this exchange of experience and ideas.