Media camps encourage the youth in Central Asia: success story of Kristina Dautova

Kristina is alumni of one of media camps organized by IDEA CA, a youth organization that develops critical thinking among the Kyrgyz and Central Asian youth by means of a wide range of extracurricular activities.

Kristina is from Kazakhstan and joined the media camp in 2016 after completing a university degree in Journalism.

“Media camp 2016 opened new opportunities for me - it taught me new practical skills in journalism, allowed me meet people from different countries. I gained self-confidence – I started believing that I can succeed in any sphere of mass media. Three years have passed since I attend the camp. I have changed a lot but that fire that was put in me, still burns,” Kristina says.

After the media camp Kristina did internship at a local TV channel in Kazakhstan, worked in a newspaper for a short period of time and ended up hosting a morning program in Kazakhstan’s Altay TV.

“The camp had a very rich program. It included debates, seminars in journalism, photojournalism and many other things! It offered various master classes, webinars and competitions. IDEA CA had a positive contribution to my career as it was directly linked to my profession as a journalist. Suggestions given by the trainers help me in my current job to some extent,” Kristina says.

“Media camp taught me how to correctly use media sources and most importantly it taught me the importance of verifying sources and details while reporting. Moreover, I learned about debates. Debates help me in my daily life,” Kristina added. She says that she was also impressed by a master class in photography offered during the camp.

Kristina believes IDEA CA is good for networking among media representatives in the region.

“Today, there is lack of exchange of experience among journalists across the CIS countries. IDEA CA helps journalists from different countries come together and build a network,” she says.

Author: Aisha Jabbarova, intern at IDEA CA