Open call for participation in the training of trainers (ToT).

IDEA CA in the framework of young activists and members of the debate community capacity development programme announced a competition for participation in the training of trainers (ToT).

The training programme includes techniques for effective trainings management, methods of engagement and work with various youth groups, use of debate technology as an educational tool and raise of funds for the development of the debate initiatives. Graduates can be hired to work in the projects IDEA CA for the next year.

Program objective: to give participants the knowledge and skills of debate trainings. As a result, participants will not only learn training’s basic methods and tools, but will receive knowledge and skills on debate trainings.

For selected participants from the regions of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan provided travel grants (free transportation, accommodation and meals for the period of training).

Trainings in Almaty: 25-27 August

Training language: Russian

Trainings in Bishkek: August 24-27

Training language: Russian and Kyrgyz


Interested candidates should fill out an application:

Kazakhstan: Deadline: August 11.

Kyrgyzstan: Deadline: August 14.

Selection criteria:

Age: 16 and above.

The organization is interested in working with young people who have:

- experience in debate for at least a year;

- experience in conducting trainings (not necessarily debate);

- motivation to work with diverse groups of youth;

- interest and possibility of involvement in projects of IDEA CA;

- desire to contribute to the society development.

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