Refresher Course for Vocational School Teachers and Project Mentors

As part of the Communities for Sustainable Peace project, a refresher course was held at the Republican Scientific and Methodological Center (RSMC) between 25 and 29 March for teachers specializing in Legal Basics of Professional Activity, vocational school deputy directors, vocational school methodologists and project mentors.

The training program was based on the manual previously developed by the International Debate Education Association in Central Asia (IDEA CA) in conjunction with the Agency for Professional Vocational Education (APVE), the RSMC and an expert group.

The manual aims to develop critical thinking among vocational school students and enhance their understanding of civic processes in Kyrgyzstan. In addition, the manual will help them develop their legal knowledge and and social skills, as well as increase their civic awareness.

In total, 26 people from eight pilot vocational schools from across Kyrgyzstan and six project mentors took part in the refresher course. During the sessions, the participants learned about the methodology and the structure of Legal Basics of Professional Activity, which also included interactive teaching and work methodologies. This helped them increase their professional capacity and learn about ways to develop civic competencies in students.

In the future, teachers, with the support of the expert group and mentors, will test the manual in their vocational schools, using the knowledge and skills they obtained during the sessions. Following this, the manual will be refined, taking into account feedback from both teachers and students.