Debate technology is an intelligent and interactive method of increasing the potential of your students. By participating in a debate club, students will increase their level of academic achievement and start thinking about entering top universities around the world. The skills learnt at debate club will help students to decide on their future profession. With the help of active discussions and interesting topics, your students will learn:

1. To analyze and critically evaluate received information.

2. To think broadly and creatively.

3. To speak confidently in front of large audiences and constructively express own thoughts.

4. To build a network for the promotion of their own ideas and views.

5. To continually develop knowledge about the world around us, focusing on topical issues and contemporary problems.

6. To become part of a large youth debate movement with a general aim of individual and societal development.

7. To take part in international tournaments and represent their country.

What is included in debate clubs’ programs?

1. Introduction to debate technologies. Our team will hold an introductory meeting for administration and students of your educational institution; graduates of our schools will demonstrate what debate is and provide an overview of debate technologies.

2. Intensive debate training. A course of 16 full-time classes will allow you to gain knowledge about basics of debate technologies. The main features of the training are interactivity and an individual approach to each student. Lessons will allow students to learn about argumentation, analysis, constructive dialogue and much more.

3. Training of Trainers. In addition to teaching debate technologies, IDEA CA’s program also includes training on the management of a debate club, how to build a training module and gaining moderating skills, all of which aids the long-term development of the club. Students and club alumni will be able to share own knowledge with their peers and new members of the club.

4. Civil activism. The training program is not limited only to technical ways of developing skills. Students’ horizons will be expanded through regular guest lectures from prominent activists and society leaders.

5. Parliamentary debate tournaments. Based on the results of a certain number of classes, we will organize debate tournaments between different schools and debate clubs to consolidate gained knowledge. The atmosphere of competition will allow students with a great interest and motivation to learn the proposed knowledge and skills. The winners of these tournaments will receive cups and other prizes.