The Debate For All online series of courses is a project designed to promote debate and educate young people about debate technologies through the creation of training videos from certified debate trainers from across the CIS.

The project has been based on the Debates in Civil Activism curriculum and designed to increase access to educational debate resources for interested youth. Currently, not all youth groups have the opportunity to attend our debate workshops; our projects are, unfortunately, limited by financial constraints and we are often unable to access more remote geographic regions. This project therefore allows anyone who is interested to gain the access to training on the basics of debate technologies, as well as improve their critical thinking and public speaking.

Furthermore, the entire series of online courses will be available in Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Russian, and Tajik, making them accessible to a people from a wide range of backgrounds. Each video lasts between three and seven minutes, enough time to reveal a topics’ essence and provide relevant examples.

In total, there are nine training videos:

1. An Introduction to Debate - Elvira Kalmurzaeva (Kyrgyzstan):

2. Debate Formats – Kanat Nogoibaev (Kyrgyzstan):

3. Argumentation in Debate - Danilo Volozh (Russian Federation):

4. Methods for Finding Arguments – Vladislav Lushin (Estonia):

5. Logical Fallacies inAargumentation – Beksultan Rustamov (Kyrgyzstan):

6. Refutation in Debate – Beksultan Rustamov (Kyrgyzstan):

7. Analysis in Communication - Pavel Bogachenko (Ukraine):

8. Public Speaking – Anna Krys (Ukraine):

9. Judging in Debate Part 1 – Pavel Bogachenko (Ukraine):